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This Wiki, created by David Lavery (1949-2016), Professor of English at Middle Tennessee State University, in collaboration with MTSU English graduate students Will Brown, Dawn Copeland, Khristeena Lute, Taffy O'Neal, Sarah Rivas, Aaron Shapiro, Greta Smith, and Dennis Wise, is devoted to the life and work of Wallace Stevens (1879-1955), pre-eminent modernist poet and Vice-President of the Hartford Insurance Company.

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A comprehensive guide to Stevens' poetry and prose, to his key ideas, his distinctive "idiolect," the real and imaginary personae and places of his poetry, and his difficult vocabulary (including foreign words and phrases).

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  • discussion page Talk:Rock, The
    new comment by Wolffg
    Comment: Since this page is titled "The Rock" and the lede stresses the importance of the image of the rock in Stevens' poetry, botrh early and late, one wld...
  • edit Wallace Stevens Wiki
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    Summary: Welcome to the Wallace Stevens Wiki:
  • discussion page Talk:Chocorua
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    Comment: Chocorua is in Tamworth, not Tamwell, New HamPshire, not Hamshire, and having grown up within sight of the mountain, I have never heard it referred...
  • discussion page Talk:Tennessee
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    Comment: The jar is merely a symbol of human action or craft which by its nature transforms all that there is.  Stevens does not, however, imbue the jar with...
  • discussion page Talk:Rabbi, the
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    Comment: thank you for this connection! (rabbi alpern)
  • discussion page Talk:Crude foyer
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    Comment: It's a very positive reinforcement for those lost in a very confusing world. READ IT. FEEL IT. think
  • discussion page Talk:Somnambulisma
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    Comment: See my poem "Somnambulimia' as a literal rendering of Vendler's acute perception. In Wallace Stevens Journal a few years ago. Eugene Hollahan
  • discussion page Talk:Dufy, Raoul
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: Good info but the interpretation of Lions in Sweden is off. He is referring to Dufy as the source of the imagery, the artificial or at least other...

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