Corazon is a Spanish and Galaician word for heart.  It is also used in Spanish to mean darling.

Corazon is an inactive volcano in Equador on the western slope of the Andes.

In "Poetry is a Destructive Force," Stevens names the animals ("stout dog," "young ox," and "bow-legged bear") in his poem Corazon. The poem focuses on misery.  The animals (Corazon) are so miserable, the taste of blood is in the mouth, not saliva.  It is a destructive misery.  As he says in the poem's last line, "It can kill a man."

Corazon could also be seen as a representation of the poet within the poem.  Stevens as Corazon experiences this destructive force that is poetry. 

Works referencing CorazonEdit

Poetry is a Destructive Force

Corazon, stout dog,

Young ox, bow-legged bear,

He tastes its blood, not spit.



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