Boucher par Gustav Lundberg 1741

Portrait of Boucher by Gustav Lundberg 1741

Francois Boucher (29 September 1703 - 30 May 1770) was a French painter of the Roccoco school.  "Boucher is known for his idyllic and voluptuous paintings on classical themes, decorative allegories, and pastoral scenes."   He frequently painted the portrait of his patroness Madame de Pompadour.  His art typically forgoes traditional rural innocence to portray scenes with a definitive style of eroticism, and his mythological scenes are passionate and amorous rather than traditionally epic.

Boucher is famous for saying that the natural world was "trop verte et mal eclaire" (too green and badly lit).

Works Referencing BoucherEdit

Asides on the Oboe

line 5 (i.2):An empty land; the gods that Boucher killed;

Owl's Clover; Part III. The Greenest Continent

line 298 (ii.14):Of Boucher pink, the sheens of Venetian gray.


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Marquise de Pompadour

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Asides on the Oboe

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