800px-Avignon, Palais des Papes depuis Tour Philippe le Bel by JM Rosier

Avignon is a town in southeastern France on the banks of the Rhône river.  Of the 94,787 inhabitants of the city (as of 1 January 2010), about 12,000 live in the ancient town centre surrounded by its medieval ramparts.  Avignon is sometimes referred to as the  "City of Popes" because of the popes and antipopes who set up residence there during the Catholic Schism from 1309 to 1423.

Work Referencing AvignonEdit

Examination of the Hero in a Time of War
line 2 (i.2): Roma ni Avignon ni Leyden,
line 9 (i.9): In its own dirt, said Avignon was


Wallace Stevens Concordance

Historic Centre of Avignon