Ananke is the primeval goddess of inevitability, compulsion, and destiny.  Her mate was Kronos, god of time.  She is most often pictured holding a spindle.  Sometimes depicted as the mother of the Fates, she is seen as the most powerful arbiter of fate and circumstance for mortals.

Stevens' Works Referencing AnankeEdit

Like Decorations in a Nigger Cemetery
line 41 (xii.1): The sense of the serpent in you, Ananke,
Owl’s Clover, The Greenest Continent (OP)
line 470 (viii.1): Fatal Ananke is the common god.
line 489 (viii.20): Fateful Ananke is the final god.
Stanzas for “Examination of the Hero in a Time of War” (OP)
line 14 (I.14): The bold, obedience to Ananke.
Ananke by Platone



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